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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: Flow with the Go

Flow with the Go
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu proved its effectiveness in the early days of the UFC by demonstrating its ability to give those who are small the opportunity to defend themselves against those who are big.With no time limits and no weight categories, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu(BJJ) defeated all challengers. One of the reasons BJJ was able to be so effective against martial artists from several different styles is what most Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners refer to as Flow.
The flow of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu allows you to simply move into a position that gives you more leverageinstead of using strength to resist your opponent's movements. By knowing how positions and submissions are defended, you can switch between techniques and create a strategy or game plan. One example of this is regularly seen in Waterford Connecticut's Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class. It is the switch between the triangle and armbar attack. If your training partner defends your Triangle submission attempt, you can switch your attack and flow to a different submission, in this case the armbar, instead of continuing to try and finish the move using strength.
If a smaller person does not use strategy against a larger person in a fight and instead tries to over power them, he will always lose. This is one reason why learning jiu-jitsu is a requirement for those who wish to excelin MMA . If the fight ends up going to the ground, and you don't know how to react, you will rely on strength, then get tired and eventually lose. Outside of the ring or Octagon, police studies show that 95% of altercations end on the ground, either because somebody was hit and fell down, or because a person didn't want to be hit so they grabbed their attacker. In either MMA or self defense, knowing how to create a strategy using Brazilian Jiu-jitsu flow can get you out of a tough spot.