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Improve Your Problem Solving abilities with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Improve Your Problem Solving abilities with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an art of problem solving. For example, how can somebody who is small defend themselves against somebody who is big? The smaller person will never punch or kick as hard. A Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner realizes this, so the first thing he will try to do is bring the fight to the ground where he can solve this problem with body position, angles and leverage. A person who understands how to use body positioning on the ground, will be able be able to prevent his attacker from creating enough space to land a powerful fight ending punch. A person who understands angles and leverage will be able to effectively control their attacker, preventing them from causing them any physical harm.
This example of bringing an attacker to the ground and ending the fight is the first scenario that new students are taught to solve. It is a scenario we go through every week in our wrestling and take down class at Crossroads. After that, students begin working on solving the problems that other jiu-jitsu students present them with. How to pass the guard, how to escape from side mount, etc. And the longer we train the more efficientlywe learn to solve the problems presented to us. Eventually, we learn to solve these problems under a great deal of pressure, such as somebody trying to submit us with a choke or an arm bar. Training BJJ gives you the ability to calmly solve problems while dealing with any kind of pressure. This ability to calmly work through problems is a skill that translates into every aspect of your everyday life.
If you would like to see how learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu can make you a better problem solver and you live in the New London/Clinton area, check out our schedule and come down to train for one week absolutely FREE!