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Injury Free Jiu-jitsu

Injury Free Jiu-Jitsu
One of the reasons Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is such an effective Martial Art is because of the way it is practiced. Unlike striking arts, Jiu-jitsu techniques can be practiced at full speed without risk of injury to you or your training partner. In BJJ, anyone can simply Tap out if they are caught in a submission at any time. Tapping out allows everybody to train safely while continuing to improve with every practice, and the more you practice the better you get.
Most people who are thinking about trying jiu-jtiu often expect to walk into their first class and get "beat up". They will leave their first class with some kind of injury or looking like the loser of a UFC fight. This couldn't be further from the Truth, In jiu-jitsu, the more you practice the better you get, and the more experienced your training partners are the faster your jiu-jitsu will improve.  If every new student who walked in the door got beat to a pulp, the entire school would suffer.
Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu brings experienced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners to those who live in the South Eastern Connecticut Area. As a beginner, you will experience what it is like to train with blue, purple, and brown belts each and every class. You will also experience how training with our team of instructors can help you start your BJJ training off on the right foot in a safe and fun enviorment. Every BJJ class on our schedule is taught by Dustin Rhodes, a Tim Burrill Brown Belt . You will have a qualified instructor with over 9 years of experience in BJJ helping you perfect your technique at every class . As the Head instructor of Crossroads BJJ, Dustin Rhodes also participates in every sparring class allowing students in the New London area to train with a BJJ brown belt every class. Come down and experience the difference for a week absolutely free,
                             No Start up Fees, No long term contracts, Just Jiu-jitsu.