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Southeastern CT BJJ:New Facility, New Schedule


Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is proud to announce we have moved, and we are now in our own dedicated facility. We are still Located at 316 Boston Post Rd, Waterford CT, however we will now be conducting classes in Suite 1.  Our gym now offers almost 700sqft of mat space, and a new larger changing area. As we continue to make improvements to the space we will also be expanding our schedule. Over the next month we will be adding a new Fundamentals class, a no-gi class, kids jiu-jitsu classes and Launching our new Crossroads Wrestling program. Our New Fundamentals program will focus on drilling the fundamental techniques of Brazilian JIu-jitsu. Knowing the basics is what wins fights in both self defense situations and in tournaments. The basics do not require you to be strong, quick or flexible, and anybody can before them regardless of age, weight, strength or fitness level.  Having a firm understanding of basic BJJ Techniques will allow you to build a solid plan of attack or defense from any position. The new Fundamentals program will cycle through positions faster than our Advance class, giving you technical knowledge from each position in a shorter amount of time

The new Advanced BJJ program will build off the skills that have been learned in the fundamentals class. The Advanced BJJ class will cover things like strategy, and linking techniques together to create your own style. The advance class takes a particular position and takes a longer amount of time covering it, in jiu-jitsu Details make the difference.  While the fundamentals class will place a heavy emphasis on drilling our advance class will focus more on live training. Live training is the only way to develop skills necessary to be truly effective against a resisting opponent. Live training is essential for training your brain to react under pressure and deal with somebody who is faster or stronger than you.

The new No-GI class will be designed to show you how to modify your grips and positions to transition from grappling in the gi to grappling without it.  This class will be extremely helpful for anybody looking to compete in submission grappling tournaments or transition into using BJJ in MMA.

The new kids program is designed to give children confidence, helping them deal with not only physical threats to their safety but also to help deal with the effects of bullying.  This program is designed to be the most realistic form of self defense available, not based on fancy techniques seen in the movies but techniques and safety strategies that really work.

The new Crossroads Wrestling program will be starting this May and will bring high quality wrestling instruction to the Waterford CT area year round. This will be a folk style wrestling class for wrestlers in  both middle school and high school. Wrestling year round will help you develop as an athlete faster than those who are only training 3 months a year.

Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the only school in Southeastern CT dedicated to grappling. If you are interested in learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or wrestling stop by our new facility and try a week of free classes.