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4 years of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Waterford/ New London Connecticut


This past September Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Celebrated its 4 year anniversary. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were sharing space with the local batting cage. When we first opened in Waterford, CT we would put down the mats at the beginning of every practice, train, and then wash the mats, wait for them to dry and fold them up again. It was a tedious process but the hard work has paid off and we are now enjoying the the beginning of our second year in our own dedicated training facility. The new space is complete with wall mats and wall to wall Zebra competition mats. The new space is also complete with its own changing area. Over the last year we have also equipped the gym with a full set of kettle bells, Battle ropes, slam balls and grip trainers providing everybody in the gym all the tools necessary to meet whatever fitness or competition goals they may have. The goal of Crossroads is to be continuously providing a better Martial Arts experience to all of our students.To provide the best experience possible we have opened the gym 7 days a week and expanded our schedule to include over 13 instructional classes a week. With so many instructional periods we are always working on improving our Jiu-Jitsu/ whether you are new to BJJ and attending the fundamentals class, or have been training for years and are attending the Advanced and No-Gi classes there is always a time set aside to learn. One of the most important goals of Crossroads is that no matter what your level there is a class for you everyday of the week.  The expanded schedule also includes 7 dedicated times for open training throughout the week. Open training gives our students time to drill new techniques, spar, stretch, and have full access to all of the facilities at the gym. Open mats are a great time to explore new positions, new techniques and expand your knowledge. Open Mats are also a great time to get a few hours of extra rolling(sparring) in!

Just like the year before, over the course of this past year the talent in the room has continued to grow Over the past few months we have had 4 students reach the rank of Blue Belt, and have had amazing success on the tournament scene. With Multiple students able to bring home gold medals from both NAGA, and CTBJJF tournaments.

As an instructor I am extremely proud of the dedication I see every night on the mats. There is never a day i don’t get a great roll from one of my students and a great laugh the all of my friends. I truly look forward to attending every class and am looking forward to another amazing year of Jiu-Jitsu at Crossroads BJJ.