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New Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Segment


The Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class at Crossroads BJJ in CT has begun studying a new position. While our last segment was devoted to passing the open guard, the next segment will be spent practicing details on how to control and attack from the Side Control Position. One of the most popular saying in CT Jiu-jitsu is “position before submission”, what this means is that before you look for a submission hold like an armlock, kimora, or choke you put your body into a position where you can not be attacked. This means that you make sure you are safe from there attacks by making sure  all your opponent can do is defend your submissions. The top Side Control position is a very advantageous position in Jiu-jitsu, it is a very easy position to have good base which makes it harder to lose the position, and there are a wide variety of attacks ranging arm bars, kimoras, americanas and chokes making it a great position for both self defense situations where you have time for somebody to call the police and get help, or for a tournament where you are looking to end the match a soon as possible and not become two tired before facing your next opponent.

While working on Side Control we will be discussing what angles you need to obtain to prevent your opponent from escaping, how to create pressure to slow down your opponents game and how to flow between several submissions with a focus on armlocks. Make sure you don’t miss these classes!

If you want to learn the best self defense system in the world,or if you have been watching MMA events like UFC and Bellator and are curious about how ground fighting works but don’t want to be a pro MMA Fighter, you have found the right place. With a full class schedule and a wide variety of classes no matter what your skill level Crossroads BJJ can meet your needs. So if your interested in learning more about Brazilian Jiu-JItsu in CT and you live in the New London / Groton Connecticut area, come down and try a week of classes for FREE!!