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Teachers Take on Bullying


At Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu one of the main focuses in our classes is that your Children learn while having fun. The skills that your child needs to develop to gain self confidence, Discipline and other martial arts values take time to practice and learn. If your not having fun in class and enjoying the learning process you simply won't want to show up, it doesn't matter if your 7 or 97. This same idea extends past Jiu-jitsu classes and to anything your child does, especially going to school. If going to school is something that is dreaded and feared than that stress is going to prevent any child from reaching there full potential. The stress of going to a place where you are going to be picked on and berated is enough to make anybody not want to go, this is especially true for young people who are far more sensitive to negative comments.

Thats why a groups of teachers over the country and in this case Virginia are bringing in public speakers to teach that bullying isn't  "cool" and to promote a positive peer pressure understand that bullying others is wrong.

'It's really important. They can't learn if they don't feel safe in school,' she said.

At Crossroads we teach that not only should your child not be a bully because of the harmful effects it has on other people, but we make sure that your child projects confidence so the likelihood of them being bullied is dramatically reduced. Understanding when it is okay to protect yourself when a bully becomes physical versus when a teacher(adult) needs to be told what is happening. Both of these situations require confidence, the confidence to know that you will be safe doing the right thing.

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