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Kids Bully Prevention and Self Defense Classes


What you should you expect your child to learn at a Crossroads Kids Class? At Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu our Children's program has 3 main goals, giving your child the tools to prevent an abduction, teaching your child how to deal with bullies at school, and teaching your child how to move and feel comfortable and confident in their bodies and themselves . These 3 things were chosen to be the focus of our kids class to help sky rocket the confidence of every child in our Kids BJJ classes.

A typical Crossroads Kids class starts a warm up and stretching. All of our warm ups are designed to increase your child's coordination and core strength while improving there flexibility. Core strength and Flexibility are the cornerstones of every sport which is why training Jiu-jitsu will help your child with every other sport they participate in. While we are stretching our instructors will take the time to talk with all of the children in the class about healthy eating, study habits and the qualities of a martial artist (discipline, honor, trustworthiness, etc.). It is our goal to infuse your child with the ideas of healthy living and the traits of good people.

After warming up and stretching we will begin to work on jiu-jitsu specific skills. An example of a jiu-jitsu specific skill would be a breakfall, a breakfall is a certain way to to position your body where if you do fall you protect your head and minimize the impact to avoid injury. This is a great way skill to have not to stay safe in Jiu-Jitsu class and on the play ground.

Every kids class at Crossroads covers grip breaking, and teaching children not to just walk away with any adult who grabs their wrist. The reality is if somebody were to try to take your child they will most likely do this by simply grabbing their wrist and walking away with them. We give your child the confidence not just to go along with something  and the techniques to deal with this situation as well as what they should be looking for to stay safe. We make sure that if this scenario were to happen to your child he or she will simply react and get away. We make sure they know its not okay to just walk away with any stranger who grabs their wrist.

At Crossroads we not only teach your child how to deal with somebody who is trying to kidnap them, but the much more common scenario of bullying. We not only show jiu-jitsu techniques to deal with Bullying but also how to engage verbally with bullies to de-escalate situations. We talk to your child about when it is okay to use jiu-jitsu and when it is not. No parent wants there child to be involved in a fight, our job at Crossroads is to help your child understand that there is a time and place to use the Martial arts techniques they are being taught and there is a time to talk, either to the other student, or to an adult.

Knowing how to deal with bullies, being comfortable in your own body and knowing your parents aren’t worried about you all give you confidence and having confidence makes your child less of a target to both dangerous people and bullies. We invite you down to experience the difference Crossroads can make for your child and participate in our 1 week free trial.