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Nils and Mike Level-up!


The last 2 weeks have been busy ones at Crossroads BJJ! The hours of training put in on the mats has collectively raised the caliber of jiu-jitsu being practiced by everyone, and nowhere is that more evident than with Nils and Mike, two longtime students of martial arts, who both achieved new belt ranks- blue and purple respectively. Nils is a multiple black belt in other martial arts disciplines and owner of his own academy Rise Martial Arts Academy in Old Lyme, CT who has been training at Crossroads for over two years.

Mike is a longtime student of grappling with over a decade of experience, having trained with Dustin back in their college days. He is a tenacious competitor and diligent student and teacher of the grappling game, who is happy to share knowledge and remain humble while absolutely crushing competitors and simultaneously feeling he could do better.