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Friday Night Open Mat - CT BJJ


Friday Night Open Mat is taught run by Coach Denis and is always a great time. Friday night is always filled with the students who love jiu-jitsu and want to get better! This Friday we had 3 purple belts on the Mat as well as several blue belts and a few white belts all helping each other get better and having a great time doing it. One of the  best things about training at Crossroads is the Ego Free training environment. This means you get to come to class and get high level training without worrying about people trying to injure you just to make themselves feel tough. At Crossroads BJJ it's all about making everybody in the gym better, because the more advanced students we have the better we all get and we understand that every advanced student who has ever stepped foot on the mat started as a white belt.

Our Friday Night Open mat is a great and healthy way to start the weekend by living the Jiu-jitsu lifestyle! If you haven't come down to check out a Friday night Open mat, do yourself a favor and make it a priority!