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Monday Night Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class - CT BJJ


Today during our Brazilian Jiu-JItsu we continued working escaping the headlock position from the ground. Last week we started defending the headlock from the standing position and today we continued working how to escape the headlock once your training partner is on the ground. The first details we covered were how to stabilize the position using your body weight. Once we were sure we wouldn’t lose the top(more dominant) position we worked to apply pressure to our training partners arm so we could use our entire body to move our training partners arm into a bad position forcing them to release the headlock. Once we escaped the headlock we worked 3 different submissions, which were all very closely related, this allowed our students to gain a deeper understanding of the submission by seeing it applied in several different ways. We worked a lapel choke from side control, then finishing that same lapel choke from the back mount and finally finishing the with a clock choke from the turtle position. By understand how people will move off of our attempted submission we can transition into different positions while continuing to attack the submission hold.

Class finished with positional drilling where we continued to increase the level of resistance students were giving in a controlled way to make sure that we were adding all of the correct details. Everybody but in a lot of great work and class was a lot of fun! See you all in Class on Wednesday!