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No-GI BJJ Team Training in New London CT


Today during our No-Gi Team Training class we held a marathon rolling session, completing 60 minutes of 5 minute rounds! With a mix of Black, Purple, Blue and White belts on the mat everybody put in great work and continued to sharpen up their techniques. Marathon rolling sessions are a great way to develop mental toughness, putting yourself in a situation where you are tired and you keep training in order to push yourself to a higher level. These marathon BJJ Training sessions are also a great way to see where your jiu-jitsu is missing pieces. Once you are tired you can’t hide lack of technique with speed or strength. This forces you to observe what part of you BJJ needs work, so you can take an honest assessment of your ability and then make the corrections needed to improve. Jiu-Jitsu has a never ending number of techniques so we are always working on learning something new.