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Thursday Night Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class - CT BJJ


Thursday's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class started with a good warm up and then went right in to the technical portion of class. We started work from the stand up position working from one of the most common situations in a street fight, the headlock position. There are several different ways to escape the headlock positions, today we went over how to escape using your training partners energy to break your posture in order to bring the fight to the ground and land in the top position.  After that we worked a submission from side control called the paper cutter choke and how to defend it. Once everybody in class understood how to perform the submission and how to defend it we practiced the position with resistance to make sure we had learned all the details correctly. The goal of the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program at Crossroads in New London County is to take people who have no experience and in a few classes as possible give them the ability to defend themselves.By training each Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu position on its own we can use our mat time more efficiently because we are actually able to study the position and gain instant feedback. With this feedback we can make changes in minutes instead of whenever you happen to get back to same position again, which could not happen for the rest of practice. The goal of the Crossroads BJJ Curriculum and training methods have been chosen because of how fast they create skilled BJJ practitioners.