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Thursday Nights Team Training - BJJ CT


Today we warmed up for team training with Bear crawls and “Crocodiles” , Jacare Souza style, we finished off the warm up with arm drag drills and practicing our double legs takedowns. The fight starts from the feet, so just like in our BJJ class we start drills from the standing position. Once we started covering BJJ technique from the ground we continued working  the Butterfly Guard Position. Today we covered how to position your arms and legs in order to make sure we are being as efficient with our energy as possible. We then covered 3 of the ways to control your training partners arms to prevent them from blocking the sweep and finished with what angles you are working to achieve with your torso so that you can finish the sweep and consolidate side control.

The class finished with team training drills from the butterfly position. The great part about working positions for several classes is that you get time to make the position yours while gaining confidence in the techniques you are learning, this method of training makes it more likely that you will use the new techniques under greater resistance sooner rather than later making every second your at Crossroads BJJ Count!