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Tuesday Night Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitu Class - CT BJJ


Today during our Crossroads BJJ Kids Class we continued working on balance and movement drills. Our Children are growing at a rapid rate, which can cause them to become uncoordinated, and this lack of coordination can lead to problems with their self confidence, which can lead to them being bullied in school and all of the problems associated with bullying. By helping the children in our Kids BJJ program develop core strength and understand how their bodies move they will naturally have more confidence in themselves. After we finished our warm up we went into the technique portion of BJJ. Today we worked arm drags with the children, followed by re-drags from the standing position. Talking with the kids on why getting behind somebody and simply holding onto them or “controlling” them is the safest place they can be if somebody is ever trying to hurt them. The emphasis in our Kids BJJ program is for our students to never to hurt another child, even a bully, but always to simply keep themselves safe.

Once we worked the arm drag and re-drag, we worked the same move on the ground breaking down the technique into 4 simple steps. After that we worked on what to do if somebody does get to their back. and ended with some great work on the indo board and some science questions!

If your interested in getting your child down to Crossroads BJJ to try out a class simply Call 860-235-0026 or Email Head Instructor and BJJ Black Belt Dustin Rhodes at You will be simply amazed at how our Kids BJJ program can help your child in every aspect of their life.