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Tuesday Night Kids Martial Arts - BJJ CT


Today during kids class we continue working balance and movement drills, which are fundamental skills of any athletic activity and essential for the Martial Arts. Working to keep our eyes on our “focus spot” in order to prevent distraction. This skill is extremely useful both in martial arts and in school. In school there are so many possible distractions that can prevent our children from paying attention and accomplishing the task in front of them. We also discussed how it is important it is to listen with out talking because we cannot talk and listen at the same time. After drilling we went into working a guard pass, allowing the kids to learn how to improve their position and put themselves in a safer position. Once all of the kids had practiced the guard pass we worked a sweep. A sweep is how you move from being on your back with somebody on top of you to being in the top position where you are safe. Everything in our Kids Martial Arts program is designed to teach your children how to keep themselves safe, from balance to learning how to fall to techniques that are designed to prevent them from attacks from bullies.