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Tuesday Night No-Gi BJJ Team Training - CT BJJ


Today we in No-Gi BJJ we continued to work the Butterfly guard position, modifying the the grips to make the techniques work for No-Gi and MMA. Once we understood the basic control positions we covered several options for when our training partner keeps the far hand out of reach in-order to prevent the sweep. This defense opened up two possible submissions depending on the orientation of our opponents arm, either a Mir Lock or an Omaplata. The defense also opened up an alternate sweep, because of our training partners low posture we are able to control their neck with a 3/4 Nelson to finish the hook sweep at a different angle. After finishing the technique portion of class we went into Team Training Drills helping everybody make sure they had all of the finer points of the technique down and showing them any mistakes they were making so they could be corrected in the future. It was a great training day and everybody but in some great work!