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4th Annual Carlos Machado Seminar at Crossroads BJJ


Carlos Machado never fails to disappoint. This past Saturday Carlos taught at Crossroads BJJ for the 4th year in a row. Carlos made the trip from Dallas, Texas all the way to Waterford, Connecticut to share some extremely high level Jiu-jitsu concepts and strategy. For over 3 hours Carlos taught how to do deal with somebody trying to break your posture from closed guard, how to use crowding concepts to prevent your partner from even getting their game started and how to use pressure from the top to make your jiu-jitsu easy! Carlos, as always walked the room for the entire seminar making sure to answer everybody's questions and help anybody who asked! After the Seminar Mr. Machado took the time to take pictures with everybody, and even sign everybody's flyers while taking the time to write everybody a personalized message! When it comes to outstanding people both on and off the mat it is hard to find somebody that tops Carlos. It is an honor to share the mat with him and I know everybody looks forward to seeing him again!

We were able to take almost 900 photos, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the Crossroads BJJ flickr page where we will be uploading all 900 photos for you!