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Saturday Afternoon Kids Martial Arts - Kids BJJ


Today during our Kids BJJ class we continued working the idea of keeping your child safe. In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu the main strategy is to put yourself in a position where you can not be hurt. This idea of safety goes beyond a physical altercation, making sure that every student is treating people how they would want to be treated is a crucial aspect of our program. In a physical altercation with a  bully it is necessary to understand how to make sure you protect yourself. In BJJ this means getting on the bully's back where he can't reach or hit your child! In class we worked on how to hang on like a backpack. Then we taught everybody how to escape! Once everybody in class knew the BJJ Techniques the kids practiced keeping the back mount position while somebody as trying to escape under the watchful eye of our coaching Staff.

Everybody in class did amazingly well and it is a pleasure to watch the improve every class.