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Saturday Afternoon Team Training Program - BJJ CT


Today during our Team Training class we started a new chapter, moving from the butterfly guard position to the top of Side Control. Today we worked advanced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu technique where we provide our training parter with enough space to move into a position that is not ideal for them, using pressure in specific areas of our opponents body to force them into making a mistake. The techniques we worked today allowed our training partners to think they could perform an elbow escape only to be trapped in a position where they could not finish the escape and were forced to move there arms out of position where they could easily be attacked. We finished the day off with an open mat allowing everybody to work the techniques of their choosing and improve there overall BJJ skills. An open mat allows students time to drill the techniques they are looking to improve and by Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu students in Waterford Connecticut the time to work on their own Techniques and perfect them under the assistance of a Black Belt Instructor everybody's skills increase.