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Thursday Night Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class - BJJ CT


Today during our Brazilian Jiu-jItsu class we continued working the idea of timing and flow. Timing is a crucial aspect of BJJ, if you don’t understand when to transition after your training partner is defending your techniques you will always be reacting to their movement instead of the other way around. We started working the arm bar from and then went into two possible counters to our training partners defense. The first defense happens when our training partner successfully pulls their arm out of the arm-bar while also attempting to stack us. The Stack is one of the most common ways to defend the arm-bar in BJJ, however if you don’t keep you weight down you provide your training partner with the opportunity to attack your other arm with the straight arm lock. We then discussed when you should switch between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques in-order to keep your training partner reacting to you and not turn the tides in their favor. BJJ has everything to do with when you apply the technique, if you attack with the right Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique a little to early or a little to late it will be easily defended. The second BJJ technique we applied off of the failed arm-bar attempt was the Omaplata. This happens when your training partner is able to escape the arm but they were not successfully able to start stacking. The Omaplata is a very powerful shoulder lock in BJJ, and is a position several sweeps and attacks. This is one submission that every new BJJ student should know and understand as it requires you to practice some of the most fundamental BJJ style movements in-order to apply it correctly.