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Thursday Night Brazilian Jiu-JItsu Program - CT BJJ


Today during our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ( BJJ ) program we studied the Mount position. Today we dealt with one of the worst possible situations in a self defense scenario, Somebody sitting on top of us trying to hit us. The main strategy taught today was to force the attacker to us his hands to prevent him from falling instead of using his hands to hit us. By changing the level of our hips and using our knee to push our opponent forward we can cause them to place their hands on the ground to stop themselves from falling. This allows us to form a connection with our training partner and keep our body, head, and face close enough to them which will prevent them from hurting us. Once we have neutralized our opponents ability to attack, we can then work to improve our position and put ourselves in a position where not only can our opponent not hurt us but we can work to end the attack.