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Thursday Night Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team Training - BJJ CT


Our BJJ or GJJ(Gracie Jiu-Jitsu) Team Training Class we continue to work the butterfly guard using an overlook to control our training partners posture. Today we added the detail of hooking our opponents arm when they are sitting square in front of us and have neutralized our favorable angle. By hooking the arm we can move backwards and make them follow us which will require them to use a hand to base out and not lose their balance. This allows us to know where their base hand is going to be so we can anticipate our training partners movement and then work to sweep. but it also allows us to adjust our grip on the opposite side to have a stronger control over our training partners posture which is essential if we want to prevent the guard pass. Once everybody understood how to more effectively break the posture we worked several methods of controlling the basing arm and how to properly position your body to finish the sweep. In BJJ Details make all the difference and understanding how to get everything started is essential if you want to get the butterfly sweep. If your training partner can keep you out of the position you need to be successful you’re going to have a hard time! To prove that we had all learned the details we finished up with Team Training drills, where our BJJ friends and Training partners helped us make sure we really had learned all the techniques and that our BJJ was on Point!