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Thursday Night Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team Training Program - CT BJJ


We Finished the Butterfly Guard chapter in our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Team Training program tonight reviewing several sweeps we have practiced over the last. We have spent the last chapter working to perfect working the angles of your body Butterfly Guard Sweeps against more and more knowledgable opponents. As we drilled the several techniques covered during this chapter our training parters worked to intelligently defend the sweeps and provide increasing levels of resistance. The increasing levels of resistance provided to us by our training partners allow us as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners to gain an increasingly higher level of understanding for the BJJ techniques we are practicing. Today we added one last sweep to our arsenal of attacks from the over-hook position. This sweep allowed us to adjust our position in-order to create momentum and then use that momentum to perform the sweep. By moving into favorable angles and applying pressure to specific positions on our training partners body we can force them to use to much energy to improve their position. That excess energy causes them to move to far which makes the technique feel almost effortless.