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Thursday Night Team Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - BJJ CT


Today during our Team Training Brazilian BJJ Class we worked on Pressure from Side Control and how to shut down the most common escapes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu by using pressure to  neutralize an explosive elbow escape. As we progress in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tapping untrained opponent because extremely easy and we begin to focus our training on being able to tap seasoned Brazilian Jiu-jitsu opponents, either in training or at tournaments. Training against partners who know Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu means that they are performing certain movements so we need to be more precise with our weight and movement. The benefit of training with more experienced training partners is that this increased level of precision makes it even easier to tap people who have no training at all. When our training partner is extremely explosive it can be very hard to control them and stop their elbow escape. Today we worked on allowing this explosive movement to happen because most of the time in jiu-jitsu when somebody is explosive they over commit to the move and this allows us an opportunity to counter. We worked setting up the technique by applying pressure in order to create a situation where our training partner was required to use explosion to attempt to escape. The initial pressure allows us to feel the explosion coming so we can time our second technique which shut down our training partners movement even further.

The last technique of the class was setting up a hamstring stretch on our training partner which put them in a position where they either tap or give us a better position. Forcing our opponents to make decisions which are bad for them allows us to continuously improve our position and work towards a submission.

If you want to train in an environment that is going to bring your jiu-jitsu up to the next level you need to be training in an environment where you are being challenged by more experienced training partners. The great part of Crossroads is we offer several levels of classes, so beginners, advanced and expert Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners are always getting the challenge they need for continues growth and improvement. If you want to reach your full potential and become the best you, don’t wait. Come in and try a class! Crossroads BJJ is located minutes away from New London and Groton CT and we are always accepting new students who want to be their best.