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Tuesday Night Kids BJJ Class - Martial Arts CT


Today Kids BJJ Class was a lot of Fun! Class started off my running around the gym playing with Giant Ball and Hula Hoops! Then everybody lined up and we started focusing on the underlying lesson of the day, the ability to follow instructions both in Jiu-Jitsu class but also in school and at home with their parents and how this all related to having discipline. At Crossroads BJJ we define discipline in our Kids class as “Doing the right thing even when nobody asking you too”. We went on to discuss how being disciplined in class is a way of showing respect to those who are helping us. Every class we talk about values as well as Jiu-Jitsu technique. We went right into balancing drills and then worked a simple judo style throw, where each kid would practice the throw on one of Crossroads BJJ ’s 3 instructors. Right after that we kept working balance drills and keeping good posture in the guard position! Today was a great class and all of the children in the class were able to give excellent examples oh why it was important to pay attention at jiu-jitsu class and in school.