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Tuesday Night Kids BJJ - CT BJJ


Today during our Kids Martial Arts and Self Defense program we continued to work on Balance and Flexibility after we finished our warm up. At Crossroads we try to make sure that the kids in our Marital Arts Program are developing higher levels of coordination each and every class. If you want to be able to Defend yourself from a Bully, you need to understand how your body moves. One of the main warm up drills with the Kids teaches them to learn how to move a bully is trying to grab you so that they can control the situation and protect themselves. We then worked a very simple way to get a bully to the ground and control them! All of the kids really got the technique down and were having a lot of fun practicing the new Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique. Of course getting into a physical altercation with another student is always the last resort, and while we talk about ways to deescalate a potential fight, in some situations your child will need to know how to defend themselves. The confidences your child will gain from knowing he or she doesn’t have to be intimidated by a bully is life changing. Bullies will always target a student he or she perceives to be weaker then themselves, and seeing another kid who is not intimidate by them and carries him or herself with confidences is something that tend to not bother with. As always we ended the class with balancing games and some open mat time for everybody to have some of fun after Jiu-Jitsu!

Dustin Rhodes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Head Instructor at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 316 Boston Post Road Waterford, CT

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