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Wednesday Night Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program - BJJ CT


Today we worked one of the most well known series of attacks in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Working from the guard we were able to work from the arm-bar attack then into a triangle submission followed by the reverse arm-bar. By putting our training partners in a position where we have have 3 attacks we put ourselves in a position where we have a significant advantage. By attacking the arm-bar from the the guard, one of the most common positions in Brazilian Jiu-jtisu our training partner only has a few techniques that will allow him to escape. By knowing what these BJJ techniques are we can anticipate there movements and switch to a different technique. In todays class that secondary technique was the Triangle. In BJJ the triangle is one of the most powerful submissions because you use your legs which are the strongest muscles in your body. From the Triangle the same idea applies, our training partners will only have so many techniques that will allow them to successfully escape and by understanding these techniques we can anticipate movement and switch to another techniques. Today we moved from the triangle to the reverse arm-bar. The reverse arm-bar is a very powerful technique and in combination with the standard arm-bar and the triangle taught you can catch your training partner in a cycle where we eventually catch them in the submission.