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Kids Martial Arts and Self Defense in Connecticut


Since the main focus of our Kids self defense program is teaching your child how to be safe and how to protect themselves against bullies todays class focused on how to get a bully down onto the ground where a smaller child can control them until help comes without getting punched or kicked. The focus of the Crossroads Kids Martial arts and Self Defense classes is to teach our students how to protect themselves and in jiu-jitsu that means getting the bully down onto the ground and then positionally controlling him until he or she is tired and no longer wants to fight. So today we focused on simple ways to get the bully down onto the ground, making sure that each child understood and could close the distance and then get a big penetration step making the takedown Easy against somebody much larger than them. Once we were on the ground we reviewed how to hold the side control position and how to make sure you don’t get rolled over.

Dustin Rhodes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Head Instructor at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 316 Boston Post Road Waterford, CT

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