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Kids Self Defense and Martial Arts in Connecticut


Today all of our kids worked on how to take a bully down to the ground and control him in side control where we are safe from punches and kicks. If you have been reading these posts, especially the post about our kids program you know by know that the whole purpose of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is for us both adults and kids to be able to defend ourselves if we ever need to. For Children, especially children who have been bullied in school the need for them to defend themselves is very real. They may need to defend themselves in a physical altercation or it may be a verbal argument, however if your child or any child wants to be able to feel good about themselves as a person they need to have have a level of confidence where they can speak up for themselves and if the case requires defend themselves from a bully. Childhood is a very interesting time if you stop to think about it, hundreds of children are discovering who they are as people, and who they want to be as adults. Even if they can’t think about it in such concrete terms your child is learning more than math and reading everyday in school, they are learning how to interact with people, how to carry themselves in society, they are learning who they are going to be as adults. This is why the skills your child will learn in a solid Martial Arts program is equally important to the skills they are learning everyday in school.

Confidence and the ability to believe in yourself is essential for reaching goals, wether it be applying to the college you want to go to, going to your first job interview, or taking on a new challenge, you need the ability to believe in yourself just to get started. We don’t often think about those types of tasks when we are five, we are more concerned with playing tag and getting a class of apple juice. Kids are meant to be kids, play have fun and enjoy life. The Crossroads Kids Martial Arts and Self Defense program blends what we as parents want our children to achieve through taking martial arts classes, increased focus, confidence, discipline and the other Martial Arts Values and blends it with what helps keeps kids engaged, lessons that are disguised as games and a fun and friendly coaching staff that is their to help and support them grow into adults.