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Monday Night BJJ - CT Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


In the bottom position if we can control our opponents posture by holding the closely to us, we can prevent them from punching or hitting us. The best bottom position in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is called The Guard. The amazing thing about the guard is it is a position where you an use your entire body for one single objective. We can use our arms and legs to break our opponents/ attackers posture and then use our body weight to hang off of them so they can’t regain their posture and by doing this we are using our entire body to create a situation where we cannot get punched. Once we are not getting punched we can then work to get from the bottom position to the top position where we can more easily control our opponent or an attacker. Coach Mike showed how to perform a pendulum sweep when our opponent tries to regain their posture. The best part about jiu-jitsu is that it uses peoples most common reactions against them and in general people are very claustrophobic. This means that when you hold somebody tight to you they will attempt to push away. and we can use this reaction to create momentum for the pendulum sweep. Once we sweep and get to the top position we finished the class with a submission, in this case the collar choke.

Dustin Rhodes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Head Instructor at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 316 Boston Post Road Waterford, CT

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