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Tuesday Night Kids Martial Arts and Self defense in Connecticut


Today in our kids class we kept working our basic takedowns and our break falls. Making sure every student in the Crossroads Kids BJJ program knows how to fall correctly is extremely important both inside and outside the gym. Because falling the wrong way can cause serious injuries, we want to make sure we land in a way where we won’t sprain our wrists, shoulders or elbows by trying to brace our fall with our arms. We teach our students how to land to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves. We then covered how to control somebody under you in side control and also how to escape. These drills and games help the kids get more comfortable with somebody in there personal space. because while we never want your anybodies child to get into a fight, if a fight does happen we want to be ready and comfortable in that situation(as much as possible). If your child isn't afraid, he or she will be more likely to stand up for themselves and less likely to be bullied. which is the real goal of our Crossroads kids Martial Arts Program.

Dustin Rhodes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Head Instructor at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 316 Boston Post Road Waterford, CT

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