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The Crossroads Curriculum: Lesson 29

In Lesson 29 of the Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Curriculum we continued to drill variations of the headlock escape. Since 95% of fights end up on the ground, and because almost every untrained attacker will simply grab onto your head as a means to control you, if you are caught off guard on a street fight being put in a headlock is very likely. Therefore, we must understand how to escape the most common headlock attacks. In Lesson 29 we cover how to escape when an attacker is on top of us keeping there head very low. By shifting our body we can create a position where it is possible to roll our opponent from the top position to the bottom position where we can control and submit our opponent. 

On the ground in Lesson 29 we cover the knee on belly position. This is a very effective street fighting position because it allows you to hold your opponent down, but also provides you with the ability to see everything around you and retreat if necessary. This isvery useful in a self defense situation because if there is more than one attacker we need the ability to exit the situation. Once you understand the basics of the position it is very easy to add to your arsenal of techniques. Lesson 29 covers the proper angle you need to position your body at in order to maintain the position, and where you need to apply pressure to your opponents body in order to hold them down. Remember Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all about using all of your body against a weak point on your opponents body. 


Once you can control your opponents body you need to be able to finish the fight. There are several different finishes from the Knee on Belly position since you are able to attack all five limbs. Lesson 29 covers the baseball bat choke. The baseball bat choke is a very powerful submission using our opponents kimono. In Lesson 29 you will learn two variations of this submission. 

Dustin Rhodes