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The Crossroads Curriculum: Lesson 4

Understanding the small differences in positions wether it be the position of somebodies head, or a shift in there weight is essential to becoming a skilled Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Practitioner. In Lesson 4 we cover a different way to escape being held down with a headlock. While in lesson 3 our training partner had their head high allowing us to create a frame and then use our leg to push their head away allowing us to move from the top to the bottom, in lesson 4 we discuss what to do when the attacker has there head low preventing use from create a frame. (not sure what a frame is? ask one of our coaches!) In Lesson 4 we discuss how to recognize which technique to perform and discuss how the person on the bottom keeping there head low shifts their weight and allows us to roll them over us and put ourselves in the top position. 

    After the headlock escape we discuss what the person in the bottom of side control should do to protect themselves and escape the position. The most common way for to escape side control is the elbow escape which allows you to wrap your legs around your attackers waist so you can use your entire body to defend yourself. 

    From here we cover how to transition to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’s best position, being on your attackers back like a back pack. From here we can punch, arm-lock and choke and we have the added element of surprise because they can’t see what we are doing. Lesson four follows Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’s main theme, position before submission. Starting in one of the worst positions, on the bottom how to keep yourself safe and move to a better position where you have more control over your attacker and can more effectively defend yourself to moving to the best position you can have in a fight. We finish this class with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s most powerful submission the Mata Leon, or lion killer, the best way to put your attacker to sleep without harming them so you can escape safely.