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CT BJJ: The Kimora

Last Night at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu we began working on the Kimora. The Kimora is an extremely powerful and versatile submission that can be applied from a number of different positions. In last night’s class we studied how to finish the Kimora from the north-south position. In Jiu-jitsu and in self defense it is always better to have the top position where you can use gravity and pressure to control your opponent. In this class we covered the very basic details of the submission, how to keep the bottom jiu-jitsu player in the correct position, and how to apply pressure at the correct angles in order to make the submission as tight as possible. The tighter the submission, the harder it is for your opponent to escape the hold.

From this position we also covered how to deal with one of the most common stall tactics you will encounter when you attempt this submission, the bottom jiu-jitsu player grabbing their belt. From this position we covered two ways we can force the bottom jiu-jitsu player to release their grip on the belt in order to finish the submission. We also covered a way for the bottom jiu-jitsu player to escape the position so they are not forced to just stall and hope that the top player gives up on the submission attempt. In BJJ you always need to know how to defend yourself first. Because the Philosophy of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is rooted in self-defense you must understand how to escape both submission attempts and positional controls in order to become truly effective on the mat. If you do not have these defensive skill sets you will not have the confidence to attempt submissions in the first place.

The class ended with drilling these positions with a moderate amount of resistance. The bottom jiu-jitsu player looking to escape while the top BJJ player looked to finish the submission. It is these drills, that teach each BJJ student how to perform the techniques under pressure and it is being able to perform the techniques under pressure in a safe environment that builds each students confidence so that they know if they ever need to use this technique in a self-defense situation that they know the bjj technique will work.

If you are interested in learning Authentic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu stop in and watch or try a class. Whether you have years of martial arts training or have never stepped on the mat Crossroads BJJ has a class designed to meet your needs. Crossroads BJJ is proud to teach students from all walks of life who are looking to better themselves through the martial arts, so stop in and get started on your journey.