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BJJ CT : Building a Game

Last night at Crossroads BJJ in our Team Jiu-jitsu Training class we continued our study of the Kimora. The Kimora is one of the most popular submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and can be applied from a number of positions. We continued working from both the side control and north south positions paying close attention to making sure every student understood how to properly apply the submission and how to position themselves so that the submission can not be escaped.

From this point we took a step back and talked about how to actually achieve the position where we can attempt the submission. Starting from side control we drilled how to use our weight to force the bottom bjj players arm out of position and then depending on their reaction either finishing the submission from side control, or moving to north-south to finish the bjj technique. We ended the class with some trouble shooting from the north-south Kimora, specifically dealing with an opponent who has grabbed their belt inorder to avoid being submitted, and how to transition from attacking the Kimora to attacking the straight armbar from the same position.

The goal of this study of the Kimora game is to make sure that every student at Crossroads BJJ has the ability to not only get to the Kimora position but can finish their opponent. Being able to break grips and transition to alternate submissions from the same position make defending the attack much more difficult. The idea is that your opponent will not know which attack you intend to apply so they will be unprepared to defend. By attacking with this mentality not only will you submit people more often, but you will do so more efficiently.

Dustin Rhodes