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BJJ CT: Removing Space

Yesterday during the Fundamentals class at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu we covered three techniques, a double leg take down to side control, how to move from side control to the mount and from the bottom position how to keep your arms in a safe and defensive position.  

When performing a double leg takedown it is best to no land inside our training partners guard since this allows them a variety of attacks, so in this class we worked stepping to the outside in order to land in side control, from here we discussed the ladder concept, where instead of attempting to move from the hips to the chest in one big jump, we slowly climb our way up in a series of smaller more controlled movements. We worked moving back into a leg drag control position if we experience to much resistance from the bottom players upper body, which allows us to stay tight in a safe position and gives the added benefit of allowing us a safe place to rest.  

From the leg drag position we worked to secure double underhooks or a scare crow position to give us an advantage when we move to secure a more dominant position, this ounce underhook position allows us to move directly to mount while the bottom bjj player is given little to no mivement.  

On the bottom we discussed keeping a strong defensive position by keeping our arms in tight and preventing the top player from getting the double underhook position. Because the double under position offer such a strong degree of control on the upper body, if we are fighting off of our backs we must avoid giving up this position. Instinctually we are programmed to try and push away people who enter our personal space, but it is this push that seperate our arms from our Rios and opens is up to a much stronger level of control by the top Jiu-Jitsu player. So on the bottom of side control we must break this instinct and learn to keep our arms in tight.  

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