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BJJ CT: Understanding your Options

Last night during our BJJ Team Training class at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu we continued adding techniques to our Kimora system. In BJJ having options is never a bad thing, as our overall goal is to develop a set number of options we can execute at the correct time. If you do not have enough options for a certain position than your training partner will be able to escape your position, however if you have attempted to memorize to many options when the time comes to select one you will end up confused and miss your opportunity, this is often referred to as the paradox of choice. 

In last nights class at Crossroads BJJ we worked securing a Kimora grip as a counter to a double leg take down, we could then use the pressure generated at the shoulder to force a sweep and end up in an attacking position. After the sweep we relied on our partners reaction to determine our next move. 

We drilled two options based on our training partner turning into us and looking to regain the top position, an armbar and a back take. The back take is an excellent option to improve our position and work towards a submission. However if our training partner is able to block our leg from securing a hook on their hip we have a possible arm lock submission. Once everybody was familiar with these techniques we drilled the new position while our training partner gave us the appropriate level of resistance. Performing these techniques while our training partner attempts to escape them allows us to see where we are leaving unnessisary space and where we do not have the correct timing.