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CT BJJ: Triple Attack

The hardest attack to defend is the one you don't see coming, during last nights Fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class we discussed this strategy from the mount position. Working off of the bottom bjj players attempt to escape the top player moved to a position called triple attack, from there we were able to move into one of three attacks based on our training partners reaction.

The three attacks we covered during our Jiu-Jitsu class were an armbar, a choke and a back take. The first submission we covered was the armbar, when the bottom bjj player lets his elbow drift to far away from his body we can attack the upper arm by swinging our leg over their head and sitting back. Once in this position we covered two different ways to break through and gripping defenses. 

The second attack we covered was improving our position by taking the back. The back is the best position you can have in bjj since your opponent has a limited number of escapes and no way to submit/strike you.  

The third and final technique of the class was a classic judo choke hold. We practiced this move in 2 different positions, the first while still on top in a modified mount position and the second from back control where we combined this technique with the back take. 

We ended the class with a number of positional drills designed to help you select the proper technique and excecute it at the proper time under resistance. This is a crucial step in being able to defend yourself in an actual fight, practicing with resistance helps you remain calm and be able perform each detail properly while somebody is trying to stop you. 

Dustin Rhodes