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BJJ CT: Putting the Pieces Together

Last night at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu during our BJJ Team Training class we took the time to put all of the pieces of the Kimora system together. Over the past two weeks in each of our BJJ Team Training classes we spent each class covering the small details that make each technique work, however it is hard to see how all the pieces fit together seeing only 2 to 3 techniques a class, so last night we but everything together moving through a number of Kimora's but also showing how those Kimora attacks link to the armbars and triangles we have been covering.

While generally it is better to cover only a few techniques during a class since it becomes very difficult to retain information after a certain point since everybody had seen these techniques recently in class it made sense to cover a large number of techniques in one class not only as a review but also to allow the students at Crossroads BJJ to see how they all link and flow together. In Jiu-Jitsu we often talk about flow and looking for the easiest technique to apply, the technique that does not require an excessive amount of speed or strength to be successful. However if you want to be able to move from technique to technique you need to see how they link together in real time. This flow requires the student to understand the mechanics of both individual techniques and how the escapes to those techniques lead to the openings for other techniques. Understanding reactions is essential to progress to the higher levels of bjj. 

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