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CT BJJ: Attacks from Everywhere

Last night during our Team Training Class at Crossroads BJJ we added more Submissions to our Kimora series. The more ways we have to funnel our bjj training partners into a submission, the more successful we can be. In this class we added three submission entries, a new entry into the Kimora, an entry into the reverse triangle and an entry into the triangle from north south.  

Last week we ended with coming to the top position then the person defending our attacks rolls away and we are able to step over and secure a triple attack position. In this class we discussed our options when the path to step over to triple attack is blocked. So instead of cirlcling over the body, we circled over the head. From this angle we attacked the Kimora and a strong Kimora for dealing with an opponent who has an extremely strong grip. We also discussed two triangles from the same position a standard triangle choke and a reverse triangle.  

We finished class by drilling from this position giving all of the bjj students at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a chance to put this new Kimora game into practice. The goal is to first give everybody the theoretical knowledge to be successful and then provide an opportunity to  apply that knowledge while their training partners offer resistance.