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CT Jiu-Jitsu: Using Leverage

In every Jiu-Jitsu technique we try to use leverage and proper body mechanics instead of strength to make it work. The idea behind this is that we want to train to defend ourselves against somebody who bigger and stronger than us. If we only train to over power somebody, if we ever have to fight somebody stronger than us we will lose.

In Tuesday Nights Fundamentals class we worked on manipulating the position of our training partners arms in order to submit them using leverage instread of simply grabbing their arm and trying to yank it into the position we want it to be in. In bjj we aim for every technique we done to be made with this idea. We worked the Guard position which in bjj means you are fighting off of your back and using your legs to attack you Jiu-Jitsu player in the top positions limbs. We worked moving in between the armbar and shoulder lock paying close attention to the position on the bjj top players head and how we used our hand positions to adjust their arm. 

In the Fundamentals class at Crossroads BJJ we move through a new position every class, the idea behind this is that when you are new to Jiu-Jitsu your goal is to learn what to do in each of the 5 major positions in the ground plus what to if you are put in some of the most common self defense situations that happen when you are standing. Each class of the Fundamentals curriculum is designed to teach you a few techniques from these positions with the main goal being that when you start sparring and practice the techniques of bjj you are building your martial arts practice on a solid foundation and you will be able to spar safely. At Crossroads BJJ our goal is to create a safe training environment where both men and women, young and old can walk into the gym and learn this amazing ant nessicary skill in a way that will allow them to practice forever. Feeling confident in a self defense situation requires regular training with an intelligent approach and that is what Crossroad Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides to all of its students.