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Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculum: Lesson 24

In lesson 24 of the Crossroads Martial arts curriculum we discuss what to do when somebody tries to grab you around the neck from behind you. A large part of jiu-jitsu is being able to feel our training partners weight and which direction they are moving. If our training partner moves past a certain point with enough energy we can capitalize on it and use it to perform our own technique. This is how the defense to a very common self defense works. When somebody tries to grab you in a choke from behind you they will have enough energy moving into you that you can then bend your knees and throw them over your shoulder. By blending your movement with their movement you can perform this technique with minimal strength if you are able to react.

    On the Ground of Lesson 24 we cover the knee shield half guard. This is a great guard for the bottom player to create space and begin to control the weight and pressure of the person on top and make it much harder for them to rest all of their weight on you. After discussing the proper body position and how to maintain the position we drilled a sweep and discussed the weave pass. In BJJ the weave pass is when you can stack the bottom players knees onto of each other in order to pass around their legs by weaving your hand behind the top leg and in front of their bottom leg. This pass is a great way to immobilize the bottom half of the guard players body giving the passer an amazing amount of control. 

    BJJ is one of the best martial arts on the planet because of the way it is trained. By drilling with resistance we are able to see if our technique really works and if it doesn’t we can make changes until we can make the technique under 100% resistance. At Crossroads BJJ we have a proven method of building up new students in a way that is not only safe but ensures that new students to not develop bad habits. Using a systematic approach to in each position and a very specific series of drills in order to build confidence in the position by practicing fundamental skills. This allows every new student at Crossroads BJJ to get better faster.