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The Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculum: Lesson 28

Using the strongest parts of your body against the weakest parts of your opponents body is one of the most commonly known themes of the grappling martial arts which include throwing arts like Judo, and Wrestling, and ground fighting arts like catch wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The neck is a fairly weak series of joints when compared to the strength of the legs muscles. In Lesson 28 of the Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculum we work to escape from the bottom position when we are in headlock, and use the knowledge that the neck is not a particularly strong area of the body and use our legs to help us escape.  

    On the ground we work a very power shoulder lock called the omoplata. This submission continues a common theme in this lesson of using the legs to attack while on the ground. In jiu-jitsu who ever moves better has a significant advantage, and to get better at moving you have to drill. We drill a very common entry to the omoplata. The omoplata is a great technique because you can use it as both a submission and a sweep depending on our arm placement. Once we understand how to get to the submission we work to flatten our opponent and then discuss how to finish the submission. 

    Lesson 28 of the Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculum ends with 2 escapes from the omoplata depending on when recognize that a submission is being made. These are also two of the more common escapes used in BJJ tournaments. By Drilling the more common escape attempts you are more prepared if you ever want to compete. The best escapes put you in a better position after you escape, but to do this you must react without thinking. If you think about how to perform the mechanics of a technique the time to have used them will have past. In a self defense situation or in a BJJ tournament you must react without thinking about the individual steps of each technique, the more you practice any technique the sooner you will recognize when to use it.