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Standing to Break the Guard

In tonights team training BJJ class we covered 3 standing guard breaks, two from when we are able to control our opponents sleeve and dominate the gripping game, and one when our opponent hides their hand from us to avoid giving us the control. In our fundamentals of jiu-jitsu class at Crossroads BJJ we primarily work on passing the guard from the knees and while passing from the knees offers a number of benefits to be well rounded we must also be able to pass standing. Passing from the feet provides more options and a number of very powerful techniques to include in your arsenal. Many high level jiu-jitsu players will only attempt to pass the guard from standing. 

In the three guard breaks we covered tonight we worked on one of BJJ 's primary guard passing themes, you need to apply pressure in order to control our opponents hips and limit their mobility from the bottom position. By keeping our hips tight and maintaining close space with our legs throughout the techniques you greatly reduces you opponent options and makes it much easier to defend any attacks they may try to throw up at you.  This Jamming style of pass can be very frustrating for the bottom player as it makes it very difficult to get any type of game started.