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The importance of angles in BJJ

Working towards strong angles was the theme of Tuesday Nights No Gi BJJ class last night at Crossroads Brazilian Jiujitsu. Students came down to waterford CT to gain a better understanding what angles give you the advantage in attacking off your back or looking for the pass. 

By understanding angles in BJJ we can begin to understand the movement before the move. There are many in between positions in jiu-Jitsu and understanding strong and weak angles allows you to move in the right direction and put yourself in a position that gives you a better chance of successfully executing your techniques. In jiu-jitsu if we can prevent our training partner from achieving a strong angle we canals them feel stuck and unable to get thier game even started. In most cases people will still attempt to perform thier techniques but will be just enough out of position to where these attacks are not effective.

In this class we discuss working to the outside where you can work to improve your position by taking the back and working underneath your training partner where you can off balance and sweep. By switching between the two positions within the position you can force the passer to keep perfect position in order to be effective.