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BJJ Team Training: Adding to your system

When you have spend enough time training Brazilian jiu-jitsu you learn to anticipate the most common reactions your sparring will have to your techniques and this ability allows you to think ahead. By training a move so much that you understand the most common ways people will try to stop or counter your techniques you can begin to add techniques to your arsenal of moves that work with your opponents counters. As you add connecting techniques together and begin to understand when to switch between each of the bjj techniques you have mastered you begin to create a system, 

In our BJJ Team Training class we are building a system of guard passes designed to help you pass your opponents guard efficiently by reading grips, body position and reactions. Last night we added a third pass to this system which now gives us a pass to deal with 3 different situations from one passing position. By knowing what to do be upper body tie ups, lower body tie ups and lower body tie ups and a secondary reaction (hip movement) we can be constantly working to pass while at the same time not burning all your energy.  

Having a system or game plan in every position and being able to execute it under pressure is the trait of an advanced BJJ player. While white belts spent there time learning new techniques, blue belts are working on combining techniques and making the execution of those bjj techniques easier.  

Dustin Rhodes