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BJJ Team Training: Staying Ahead

If you want to keep your opponent reacting to you in bjj, you need to know what your options are from each position and what the most common reactions to those options. The more ways your opponent has to react to your options or movements the harder it is to stay ahead simply because it will take you longer to cycle through your catalog of jiu-jitsu techniques and select the right option. The more you can limit your opponents options, the less bjj techniques he will be able to use. The fewer techniques your opponent has the ability to implement the less techniques you will need to counter his moves and the faster you will be able to react.

In our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team training class we continued to work creating situations that limit our training partners options from the guard. With the evolution of jiu-jitsu new guards are always being developed which makes getting put in unfamiliar territory a common accurance if you are in the habit of letting your training partner move around freely, by limiting his movement we can keep the bjj match in familiar territory where we know the most common reactions and can plan ahead.  

In our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team Training last night we covered 3 options for passing the guard once we had gained control over our training partners legs. Once we control a majority of there body it becomes very hard for them to move as well as we can in the top position. Because there are only a few things the bottom player can attempt it is much easier for us to stay ahead and dictate the pace of the match. 

Dustin Rhodes