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Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculum: Lesson 12

Being comfortable in uncomfortable positions is another way of saying you must stay relaxed even when nothing is going your way.  When you are grappling in BJJ and you find yourself in a tough position you must keep calm, if you panic you will begin to make fear based decisions and movements. These fear based movements are the exact movements and reactions that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu exploits. 

Lesson 12 of the Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculum teaches you how you should react on the bottom of side control to keep your arms in good position and how to get your arms in a safe spot where you are able to defend yourself. Keeping your arms in a good positions makes it harder for your opponent to submit you so you can focus on escaping. 

Once you have achieved a safe survival position with your arms you can begin to look for an opportunity to escape. In this lesson we covered how to determine which direction you should look to escape based on how the top player is positioned. If the top player is to low, you go high. If the top player is to high, you go low. If they defend one escape attempt, you switch to another. Technique selection determines your efficiency and how efficient you are determines how tired you get during a jiu-jitsu match. If you pick the wrong technique you will fatigue faster than your opponent and if you fatique enough you will no longer be able to resist their attacks and you will lose. This idea is especially important for self defense because there are no weight classes in a self defense situation and more often than not it will be a larger, stronger person who wants to fight. To be ready for any situation we must always train as if we are preparing for somebody bigger faster and stronger than ourselves and this means relying on technique. 

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Dustin Rhodes