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CT BJJ No-GI Team Training

Another great Guard passing Class in the books! Breaking the Closed guard from standing and then working two guard passes and a knee bar submission. In Jiu-jitsu we always want to pick the easiest move. If your opponent blocks the path to the right, go left, if they block left, go right. This way we are always working to be as efficient as possible. 

Of course if you become predictable it will become easy for high level BJJ players to shut down your techniques and begin to work their own, so we have multiple techniques to the right and to the left, both passes and submissions. if your opponent expects you to pass to the left, but you attack a knee bar their defense will be late and your submission will be that much easier to catch! 

And of course with any team training Jiu-jitsu class there was lots of rolling, just to make sure everybody gets a great workout. BJJ is always evolving and in-order to make sure what you are learning really works, you need to apply it on a resisting opponent. If they can stop it, its not good enough, if they can't then you know that if you ever have to use the techniques you are learning in a Self Defense situation, or a competition you know that they will work. 

Dustin Rhodes